Hacking Your

Emotional API

A practical exploration of how feelings work in humans, using the metaphor of an API.

Emotions are messy and uncomfortable, so why can't we just ignore them?

Because emotional skills are critical for working well on a team, and for the quality of our work.

The Emotional API concept helps you learn how emotions are affecting you by modeling them as an API and looking at the code.

It turns out poor handling of emotions impacts cognition, memory, and communication.

My websites, talks and workshops present my toolkit for handling emotions, full of practical advice and new ways of thinking.

The Talk

Hacking Your Emotional API

Presented all over the US and in multiple countries, Hacking your Emotional API presents my core metaphor. Using the ideas of an API, that it's public, that code runs when it receives a request, and that we control that code, I map out the ways the we as humans experience emotions. With that foundation I present my toolkit of ideas and practical techniques that everyone can use to understand the emotions their API responds with, and how to refactor those responses for a better life, better work, and better relationships.

The Workshop

Emotional Intelligence In Practice

Presented with aaron Aldrich, this workshop uses the same metaphor of an API, as well as other technocal concepts liek observability to weave an interactive experience which allows participants to practice the techniques described in my toolkit.

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